The Iron Press Real Man Quiz

Enter our quiz competition for your chance to win a case of Iron Press.

In case you haven’t noticed, Iron Press is only for real mean. So if you’re not a real man and you don’t like steak, stock car racing or girls in swimsuits, stop wasting your time on here and go here

Oh yeah and if you want a real chance to win a case of Iron Press, here’s a real manly quiz.

Question 1

Which goalkeeper has the most England caps?

Question 2

Who won the sports personality of the year in 2005?

Question 3

Who received much male attention as C. J. Parker in Baywatch?

Question 4

When eating Indian takeaway, what is in saag aloo along with potato?

Question 5

Who was voted FHM's sexiest woman in the world for 2010?

Question 6

What do Sumo wrestlers throw into the ring prior to a match?

Question 7

What was Rocky's last name in the 'Rocky' films?

Question 8

Where does the annual Oktoberfest take place?

Question 9

Which card game uses the term river card?

Question 10

What was the first James Bond book called?

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