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You can stick with the boring run-of-the-mill screen that came with your computer, or you can download one of these and take a real Iron Press girl home? It’s your choice. Just choose your favourite and make sure your computer is up to it. Well, go on then.

Group 1 - Click to download
Group 2 - Click to download
Group 3 - Click to download
Group 4 - Click to download
Solo 1 - Click to download
Solo 2 - Click to download
Solo 3 - Click to download
Solo 4 - Click to download
Hero 1 - Click to download
Hero 2 - Click to download

Blog for men

Apparently buying your missus a vacuum for Christmas is ‘unromantic.’ Look, it was called Henry and looked like a yellow teddy bear, how was I to know?Read more >

I can’t imagine any real man watching less than 6 hours of cage fighting on a Saturday night, but my mate “Standby” Brian reckons people do. Read more >

Now, I like the beautiful game as much as any man, (apart form my brother Geoff who traded a testicle for Euro 2008 tickets) but 200 grand a week for Shrek? Leave it out!Read more >

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